BJ Nartker
Artist / Illustrator
About BJ Nartker
I was raised in Orangevale, CA. A small country town that was very country like at the time. It was a wonderful place to grow up in with pleanty of room to let your creative thoughts run wild. I knew at the very early age of 3 that I wanted to be an artist. It’s impossible to remember a time in my life when I didn’t. By the time I was in Jr. High, I loved cartooning and creating monsters.  BC and Peanuts were my two favorite comic strips. I also did a lot of posters and flyers for people for various community functions and events.
In the seventh grade I began to practice drawing Charles Schultz style on a daily basis.  My thoughts were to fill in for him when he retired. Little realizing, that in the late sixties, Sparky still had a long way to go to retirement.
When I was sixteen I had an art teacher by the name of Helen Songer who was very encouraging.  She convinced me to try oil painting. Chuck Rasmussen, another artist,  was another influence in my life of painting.
Before I was out of High School I had won several awards in painting and was even offered my first one man show in Miamia, FL.  After High School I married my high school sweetheart Cindy O’Neal and we set up home in Folsom, CA. Following the birth of our first child Heather, we traveled around the country doing the art show circuit. Most of the artwork I was producing was leaning towards fantasy and marine life. With the birth of our second child, BJ Jr., we decided to get off the road and set up home again in Orangevale, CA.
In 1980 I began teaching art workshops in the Sacramento and San Francisco areas. I also started working with computers creating graphics and artwork for software development. This included two of the earliest software packages for the Macintosh computer, which I developed myself, called "LasArt" and "Time Star". I also produced four educational videos on portrait painting and cartooning at this time. After our third child, Amy, was born, we moved to Myrtle Point, Oregon where I opened a studio gallery.
We are again living in Orangevale, CA. I continue to paint, create cartoons, illustrations and produce 3D animation for video production work.  In recent years, I’ve illustrated several books for children, and am currently working on a fantasy book for children that I’m both writing and illustrating, called “The Fiery Forest".
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  2. Today: Loving my job.
  3. Today: Loving my job.
  4. Today: Loving my job.
  Some of My Clients Include:
  American Pacific Funding  -  Apple  - Atari  - Blue Shield  - Boise Cascade
- Business Health Services   - Cable Data   - CAESY Education Systems
- Century Pools & Spas   - City Of Myrtle Point   - Commadore   - EDS
- Great Western Savings   - Home Loan Coach   - IBM   - IDT   - Incredible Universe 
- J.C. Paper   - Jones, Stokes & Associates - Lyngvar Financial  - Marina Blue Productions
- Matter Group, The   - Moxie Mortgage  - NBC   -  North American Title Company
- Patterson Dental   - Perigren  - Rubber Duck Waterbeds  - Safeway
- Sam's Medical Supply  - Seaspot Media Group  - Sea Yachting Magazine
- Solitaire Group   - Spartan Loans   - Twentieth Street Art
- Warmline Family Resource Center  -  West Star Communications - Universal Studios